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Auji Industries-Primitive Reflex EP

The newborn will occur unique phenomenon.
It's called Primitive Reflexe.
e.g. When you put your finger on the palm of the hand,They will return reflexively grip your fingers. Those reflection means ready to Live(human evolution).
Each of the reflection behavior is a limited phenomenon of the age 4-5 months. and when the nerve growing, Those reflection runs out automatically disappear.

Human is mysterious.

Auji - Conclusion Came To You EP (aniara05_12inch)

Fabian Bruhn,Alexander Berg,Nils Krogh(Genius of time) , They are building the most reliable Culture in Scandinavia.
Two works that I have provided to them,
It became a master key for drifting the atmosphere with them.
Genius of time is one of my heroes. 
so,work with them for me was very exciting and fresh. 
I really want to go to the forest of Gothenburg .

Auji Industries - Love You More EP (PAN02_12inch)

My trusted friends who have accepted my sounds. This work is a hommage to them unquestionably. I would not have published the works without their understanding and enthusiasm.

Thank you from the bottom of my sore stomach.